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Completed around 17 shots for the film Sanctorum. Around 7 teammates were brought to work in a time span of 11 months, where they accomplished tasks such as a seamless integration, animation and lightning for the shots.

Format: Feature Film

Director: Joshua Gil

Release Date: 2018


In a small village on the edge of the war between the military and the cartels, a little boy escapes to the forest to plead to the gods of nature for his disappeared mother's safe return.

Before After
Before After
sanctorum storm

One of the biggest challenges were the lightning bolts that swiveled with the clouds. Creating the 80 second long storm was possible in less than 3 months with the help 4 teammates.

Before After
Before After


Different conceptual arts were created to finally arrive at the version that represents the final shot. A mixture of different techniques was used: Matte painting projected in geometry to create the background and the vegetation where the hole and particles exist; in addition to an extensive and detailed digital composition to apply the chaotic look that this supernatural storm would represent.


One of the biggest obstacles was lightning and the spinning motion of the clouds. Various tests were done for the rays, from presets to stock with rays and finally we used high resolution images that we animate individually. After that, light interaction with the environment was applied so that it was integrated and illuminated as lightning would do in real life. For the clouds we use a series of layers projected in cylinders that allow us to rotate and have volume around the storm. The final shot lasts approximately 1min 20 seconds, which is extremely time consuming to create visual effects. It took us about 12 weeks and it was done with the collaboration of four artists to make the shot.